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2022 & 2023
Teacher/Educator Awards:
Equity (Spring'23)
Empathy (Fall'22)         

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WHO CAN I nominate?
Nominate a
Teacher/Educator from these levels:
1) Pre-K-6th Grades
2) 7-12 Grades
3) College:Undergraduate
4) Masters or Doctoral 




Spring 2022 & '23 (4 Awards)
April 30, 2023   
Fall 2022 (4 Awards)
October 3, 2022

WHAT IS DEADLINE to do a Nomination?

Nominate Teacher/Educator for Spring 2022 AWARD by
March 30, 2023
Nominate Teacher/Educator for FALL 2022 AWARD by September 3, 2022

HOW DO I Nominate?

Request our nomination form. Fill that out and 2-5 page reason for nomination to submit! Follow specifications!

Ms. Mattie Davis

Mr. Damian

Dr. Cheryl Mango

Four Arrows
Dr. Don Jacobs

Equity in Teaching Award Winners 2022

My Teacher is the Best imageOIP.jfif
My Teacher is the Best imageOIP.jfif
My Teacher is the Best imageOIP.jfif
My Teacher is the Best imageOIP.jfif
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Education Fund

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Left: Kai Carter PODCAST Guest
& Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser-Tingblad (SissyMarySue)

Purposeful education and outreach worldwide through technology(online) in person and through children's television and our other venues! The specific purpose of our 501 (c) (3) nonprofit is to provide education, training, and opportunity to learn about social and ecological justice. We model and teach equity and anti-racist, shared humanity and sustainability practices. These actions of love, empathy, peace, service, and creative play are at the heart of building and repairing communities (including OUR worldwide community) affected and impacted by a lack of understanding of human diversity. Specifically, the nonprofit will provide education & training through Online workshops, events, written composition, creative/original works of art, theater, music, television, and ultimately, the creation of an institution of higher learning as avenues of spreading the mission & vision of SissyMarySue Education Fund!


PRESERVING CHILDHOOD FOR EVERY CHILD through the vehicles of STORYTELLING & CREATIVE PLAY- which we believe preserve’s humankind & our natural world! For, where we teach, model and show empathy, kindness and love we will have manifested a powerfully, loving RIPPLE EFFECT! We call this the “EMPATHY RIPPLE!" Empowering youth with empathy to spring into compassionate action will, in turn empower the adults in their homes, schools and communities to do the same worldwide!


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                  Current: CILC, Buzzsprout PODCAST
         TEACHER Support DEI, SEL & PLAY Pedagogy

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Online Teaching Empathy Airlines Jelly Beans and Wendy.png


CILC RESPONDED to the crucial need of our youth/students, teachers & parents due to COVID-19. CILC offered FREE  programming! Click images SissyMarySue volunteered with Intern- now Board Member Anthony Hotakainen assisting!  We were surprised and humbled to receive a Pinnacle Award!
Sign up NOW! 


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CILC CONTENT PROVIDER DR. Wendyimage (9).png
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Storytelling/song Anthony  

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Creative Play  


Virtual Author

What is Virtual Author you ask?

Click LINK for Programs:

Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser a.k.a SissyMarySue offers programs that are aligned with our VISION & MISSION about empathy, shared humanity, PLAY (CREATIVE PLAY) and conservation at reduced rates and on scholarship too! Half of the FEE goes directly to SissyMarySue Education Fund. This helps us raise funds to serve more youth through our Children's TV Show- SissyMarySue World School House!!   

SissyMarySue content provider PROFILE  Virtual Author gives you the opportunity to invite SissyMarySue into your classroom, school, organization or business anywhere in the world, via Zoom! SissyMarySue will read the critically acclaimed, AWARD WINNING Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope series, book 1 & 2 (EMPATHY AIRLINES) She does this LIVE to your class or group! She includes songs, as well as, a question and answer portion! SissyMarySue also elaborates on the plight of the Cheetah and Elephant teaching about Conservation and Clean Water efforts. SissyMarySue shares EMPATHY is a means to create peaceful environments, to circumvent bullying, violence and intolerance. You can also invite her for in person! Ask about scholarships!  Link to Programs-HERE                                                                                  


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Founder/Executive Director
Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser-Tingblad
a.k.a SissyMarySue INFO

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DR. WendyIMG-9225.jpg

 PODCAST- "Educating Empathy"  >>> Buzzsprout  TEACHER AWARDS, ONLINE (CILC) Programs!

FUN FUTURE - TV for YOUTH We are planning a Children's Television Show based on characters from SissyMarySue books, as well as NEW characters. We are working from the already extensive plan created by Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser-Tingblad in her previous Media, Technology and Innovation doctoral class before she graduated. Launch in 2023! STAY TUNED 

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St Cloud, MN, USA

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