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There is an urgent need for clean water and sanitation around the world.

 H2O For LiFE 

Executive Director Doug Niemela
& Founder Patty Hall

In 2007, Patty Hall received a cry for help from a small village in Kenya that was desperate to build a water project. Could she help? She introduced the idea to her school, Highview Middle School in New Brighton MN, to see if they could help raise funds for the project. Staff and students embraced the challenge with open arms. Students learned about the global water crisis and created action plans.

It was an amazing and inspirational school year as students organized walks for water, sold wrist bands, note cards and t-shirts. They also held piano concerts, pizza parties, baby-sitting events and asked family and friends for donations. In the end, Highview Middle school donated $13,000 (twice the amount requested for the project) to Kathungu Village. Today, Kathungu Village has water available year round due to the efforts of High-view Middle School. Highview students and teachers didn’t stop with one project. They wanted to do more. This led Patty and a group of committed parents and teacher volunteers to establish H2O for Life as a non-profit. Patty Hall served as the first Executive Director. She now advises H2O! 

Patty and SissyMarySue!

SissyMarySue (left) & Patty Hall (right) partnered with Children's Performing Arts, Minnesota. Together we, all implemented "Focus on a Cause-CLEAN WATER!" The MUSICAL PLAY of "Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope" was a vehicle to help teach this at Hanifl Performing Arts Center to youth.   
(Click on above Pic- song from play)

Teaching children about the importance of empathy and tolerance from an early age has always been important to Wendy Muhlhauser.  Wendy, a Minnesota author and Patty Hall met recently to talk about Wendy’s new book, “Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope”.

The story, mixing fiction and Muhlhauser’s experiences with the Barabaig tribe in Tanzania, follows a cheetah with unique, jelly bean shaped markings on its fur, and the plot and structure of the book are meant to serve as an educational lesson about love, interconnections, family and acceptance. “I believe where we teach empathy, I think that there’s more tolerance, more peacefulness, and more harmony,” Muhlhauser continued. Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope empowers youth to spring into action that has positive impact on their school and others.

The story points out the important need for water for people in Africa and around the world. The end of the story focuses on providing water for the Barabaig tribe in Tanzania and connects with H2O for Life’s water projects around the world.  The book is a great Holiday Gift for a child in your life!

If you would like to purchase a classroom set of books, please contact H2O for Life for further information.

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