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SissyMarySue/Wendy speaks on different topics concerning Empathy, Shared Humanity, Perseverance, Diversity, Cheetah and Elephant Conservation, Clean Water and Brain Injury. 

Watch her speeches on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Wendy Muhlhauser

She speaks in real time to schools and organizations via Video Conference too-


Ask about producing a MUSICAL PLAY in your school or community!

Readings, Projects, Training & Programs


SissyMarySue reads in person to large groups, or creates smaller classroom discussions too.


She trains teachers and interacts with students in person, in education projects by using play/drama for effective, social/emotional, fun learning. 


Invite her virtually( known as video conferencing) www.cilc.org 

Author SissyMarySue (Wendy Muhlhauser) 


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Sylvia Hampton 603-570-4816    SissyMarySue

a.k.a Dr. Wendy Muhlhauser

Author, Educator, Speaker        Education Consultant, Playwright       Lyricist, Screenwriter                        

SissyMarySue VIRTUAL AUTHOR---E-Learning

What is Virtual Author you ask? SissyMarySue Launched four programs on CILC. 1) Empathy 2) Clean Water

3) Cheetah Conservation and 4) Bullying

CLICK HERE> www.CILC.org request Author SissyMarySue (Wendy Muhlhauser  (video conferencing/virtual author) 

Virtual Author gives you the opportunity to invite SissyMarySue into your classroom, school, organization or business. She will provide a LIVE reading of critically acclaimed, AWARD WINNING, "Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope" via ZOOM to your group! You can also invite SissyMarySue to your School to do a reading and answer some of your questions face to face! Info & scholarships e-mail sissymarysue@ gmail.com



Click Red Square to view & print English Virtual Author Flyer! 


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"Where we teach, model and show empathy we manifest a powerfully, loving RIPPLE EFFECT!

We call it the EMPATHY RIPPLE!"


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