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We go through life quite a while

Logging many an emotional mile

Before it becomes clear
The beauty of life has always been here


Montainge Medal, Globally Mindful, Mom's Choice,

 Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope


April 4.5 2019!












Directed by

Carrie Carlson

Script & Lyrics by SissyMarySue









Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope is a play for our times.  I saw it in a children’s theater (Hanifl Performing Arts Center), but was aware that the audience, made up of many adults as well, were enthralled with the message of love and understanding empathy. We as a culture are hungry for this message.  The story embraced us all.

Karen Monson MA


A delightful musical play with a message of compassion that is a life's lesson for the young performers and audience of all ages. Sandy Schley PhD


(Virtual Author) CILC



Listed as:

Author SissyMarySue

(Wendy Muhlhauser)


The unlikely pairing of a sad little girl and a captured cheetah discover how much they share in common when they embark on an adventure in friendship. They've both experienced profound loss, but persevere through sharing empathy, kindness, joy, and love. Together they learn about their connection to the human family and to all, which provides for their self-esteem and a feeling of wholeness.

The book and plays empower youth with empathy to spring into compassionate action!

Compassionate action refers to the positive impact youth can make in their communities and in the world by caring about the plight of all people. Set in Tanzania, Africa with the Barabaig tribe, the book encourages youth to identify with the characters as they experience difficulty, persevere, model empathy, and then are shown empathy by the tribe. Together, these special friends punctuate our interconnections and further demonstrate our connection to all, including the endangered cheetah, showing that we all belong.
Feature Article by Rachel Anderson

Rachel Anderson interviewed Wendy and reviewed the Jelly Beans The Cheetah and Hope children's book. 

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Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope, Book 2

Jelly Beans the Cheetah and Hope 


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 Sending so Much LOVE and EMPATHY for all, worldwide!                                                                      SissyMarySue

Remastered SINGLE: One Child Cries 

Thanks to Anthony!  The lyrics/words for song- in EMPATHY AIRLINES! 


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Listen to SissyMarySue's Poem/Song inspired... 

 by Barabaig TRIBE- TO SIMPLY BE

We go through life quite a while

Logging many an emotional mile 

Before it becomes clear 

The beauty of life has always been here

We had been too consumed to see

The simplicity and beauty to simply be!   



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